Thursday, December 6

Leaving Train

The words that go unspoken
On the color of the sun
And the coolin' air, or the evening shade
And the last tail light, on a leaving train
And I won't come back again.

Monday, October 8

Coin Toss

Then I spent a long time thinking...
...about the ones the wolves pulled down.



Thursday, May 31


For one quick weekend

Wednesday, February 8

For the time being

Find that place...a small patch of grass becomes an open field, a garden becomes a farm, a couple pebbles to a mountain...
 take a breath and trick yourself.

Tuesday, February 7

Leftover parts from apes and monkeys

Using sharpened tools instead of hotplates
                       Your thumb and forefinger supposed to show you're not a wild beast

                                       You can hear their noises at night time

They don't have to keep a certain bedtime

See in the shapes of my body

Thursday, January 12

Leonard Rd.

Don't interfere with something that ain't botherin' you none.

Sunday, January 8

Through the Compound Eyes of a Butterfly

morning time
these ones are also tasty
but I don't love to share this place

it's getting dark now
getting full
I know I am close
to home

Duncan Falls from the Sky

And onto the forest floor...